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HopStop Humane Spray for the Control of Cane Toads 300g

HopStop® is a patented Australian innovation that provides for the humane kill of cane toads.

HopStop is an aerosol spray that is sprayed directly onto toads without any need to touch the animals. It anaesthetises toads within seconds, and kills them humanely in 30 ‐ 60 minutes. Toads are physically unmarked by the treatment, and do not display unacceptable physical signs of distress or trauma as a consequence of treatment. In fact HopStop is referenced by the RSPCA as an accepted method of killing cane toads and recommended by the Queensland Schools Animal Ethics Committee for euthanasing toads for school laboratory studies.

HopStop is safe to use around people and pets when used in accordance with the approved product label. Its active constituent, chloroxylenol, is an organic compound.

HopStop has also won the Australasian Aerosol Industry Association's 'Innovation Award', and 'Best New Product' award.

Product Information:

  • Size: 300g
  • Download SDS
  • Type: Aerosol
  • Active Ingredients: 0.5 g/kg chloroxylenol
  • Pest Controlled: Cane Toads

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