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Mineral Snail & Slug Killer with Elemental Iron

The Only Certified Australian Organic Snail & Slug Killer.

Protect-us Mineral Snail and Slug Killer is a unique product that is highly effective in the control of snails and slugs. Uniquely utilising elemental iron, Protect-us Mineral Snail and Slug Killer is a low-toxic alternative to metaldehyde and methiocarb baits that displays similar or better levels of control and protection.

It has been independently reviewed and approved as garden safe. In fact all the ingredients are currently used in either foods for human consumption, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics for human applications.

Elemental iron is an essential dietary nutrient. Any residues present on fruit or vegetables, or systemically available from skin contact, are indistinguishable from iron of environmental origin. When the bait is consumed by snails, the low pH in the snail's gut activates the product, forming an iron salt that causes the snails and slugs to stop feeding, protecting your plants and leading to the death of the molluscs.

Snails and slugs are so attracted to the Protect-us Mineral Snail and Slug Killer that it actually lures them out of their hiding places. Palatability of the bait is specifically targeted at Australian snail and slug species. Protect-us Mineral Snail and Slug Killer is the only Registered Allowed Input for snail and slugs when growing Organic and Biodynamic Produce.

Product Information

  • Size: 1kg, 5kg & 20kg
  • Download SDS
  • Type: Ready to use pelletised bait
  • Active Ingredients: 10g/kg Iron Powder
  • Pest Controlled: Slugs & Snails
  • Approved for use around: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Possums & Other Fauna

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